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Alumni Informational Interview Summary

Thank you so much for meeting with a prospective student. The Office of Admission truly appreciates your enthusiasm for Richmond. Please take a few minutes to provide feedback on your meeting. The information you provide is important as it offers more insight into prospective students. Additionally, your feedback will allow us to effectively communicate with students throughout the application process. Thanks again for all your dedication and strong support.

Prospective Student Name:
High School:
Interviewer Name:

1. What academic interest(s) did the prospective student indicate? (Please note that the following menus contain a list of possible academic interests, not an exact list of majors offered by UR. See this page for UR's most up-to-date list of majors, minors, and concentrations.)

2. At UR, the student expressed interest in the following extracurricular opportunities:

3. Do you believe the student will apply?

4. Is Richmond the student's top choice?

5. If Richmond is their top choice, are they planning to apply Early Decision?

6. Please feel free to share any additional feedback about the prospective student.