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Nate Crozier

Executive Director of Admission

(800) 700-1662 or (804) 289-8640
Fax: (804) 287-6003

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Education: B.A., Westminster College; M.A., The George Washington University

Favorite spot on campus: This is a tough question, because there are so many beautiful spots on campus. But, if I had to pinpoint a location, I’d say the walk between Ryland and Jepson halls.

Favorite food on campus: Anything in the award-winning Heilman Dining Center. Richmond has been named by The Princeton Review as one of 20 campuses with the best food.

Favorite Richmond neighborhood: The Fan, so named for the ‘fan' shape of streets that extend westward from Belvidere to the Boulevard. The Fan is filled with parks, museums, and dozens of locally owned businesses and hot spots.

Favorite restaurant off-campus: I’ve eaten mouth-watering BBQ in Kansas City, Memphis, Chicago, and, now, Richmond. To me, nothing beats a pork sandwich and ribs from Buz and Ned’s. Don’t forget to order your meal with a side of French fries.

The number one reason you tell students to check out Richmond: We recognize the value of providing you with a fully integrated undergraduate education; in fact, this approach is at the very heart of Richmond’s liberal arts curriculum. To illustrate, how many colleges and universities offer a freshman seminar with a tenured professor from a school of law, or create an interdisciplinary major that melds several different areas of study (PPEL)?