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Austen Kelso

Admission Counselor

(800) 700-1662 or (804) 289-8640
Fax: (804) 287-6535

Hometown: West Chester, PA

Education: University of Richmond with majors in Environmental Studies and Geography and the Environment

How you started in admission and came to Richmond: During college I served as a tour guide and then later on as an intern in the Office of Admission. After graduating and moving to South Africa for a year, I felt the call of the Richmond Admission office pulling me back and was lucky enough to land a spot working as a counselor!

Favorite Richmond neighborhood: Manchester Warehouse District. Situated across the river from downtown, this area is up and coming. It is awesome to live here and slowly see the area coming to life!

Favorite thing to do in Richmond on the weekends: Going to Bell Isle! There are so many great trails for running and spots to go swimming to cool off in the summer.

Favorite spot on campus: The Dining Hall. Specifically, right in front of the Taco Bar.

Favorite restaurant off-campus: Casa Del Barco. Best tacos in Richmond.

Hobbies/Interests: Playing soccer, playing guitar, and cooking