Richmond Home

Erica Riesbeck

Senior Assistant Director of Admission

(800) 700-1662 or (804) 289-8640
Fax: (804) 287-6003

Hometown: Newport News, Virginia

Favorite thing to do in Richmond on the weekends: Explore. I am still new to Richmond and it’s important for me to discover something new about the city as often as possible. My goal is one cultural excursion each month.

Favorite food on-campus: It is a simple name - Chicken and Bacon. It is hot and delicious and served on a telera roll at the Passport Café.

How what you studied connects with your career: If you study at a liberal arts college, you have the ability to do anything that you want. Public speaking is an important aspect of the liberal arts experience and provides the perfect platform for admission.

Favorite Richmond neighborhood: I love it all. Church Hill, Oregon Hill, downtown, the Fan, Jackson Ward, Northside, rural Goochland County, Forest Hill, Manchester. You can learn so much about Richmond’s history by studying our neighborhoods. We are fiercely proud of where we live – a common trait among Virginians.

A question you get all the time: Where is “fill in the blank” building? We have a beautiful campus with gorgeous Collegiate Gothic architecture. It can be difficult to give directions when everything looks uniform, but the answer usually leads to great conversations with guests and a stroll through our campus.

Hobbies/Interests: When I have spare time, I read. Mostly I do arts and crafts with a bossy two-year old, who also insists on winning every foot race.