Alumni Recruitment Committee (ARC) members must be Richmond alumni who attended as undergraduates. As the purpose of the ARC program is to assist with the recruitment of undergraduate students, being familiar with current University trends, updates and student experiences is essential.

The following alumni are not eligible to participate:

  • Professional college counselors or those who work in related fields (Spider Chat Program only)
  • Those who are employed by or who volunteer for the Admission Office of another undergraduate institution (Spider Chat Program and College Fair Program)
  • Parents or guardians of students entering or in their senior year (Spider Chat Program only)

Parents who are not Richmond alumni themselves are not eligible to serve as ARC members. Contact our office for other ways to become involved in recruiting the best future Spiders!

You may not interview a candidate you know. We require that if alumni are assigned a candidate they happen to know, they contact us immediately to be reassigned to another prospective student. While an ARC member may not interview a candidate he or she may already know, alumni are welcome to submit a letter of reccomendation. This policy safeguards against conflicts of interest.