Spider Chat Volunteer Role Description

The Office of Admission has identified certain cities across the country where Spider Chats are offered to prospective students. These cities are selected based on a number of criteria, including applicant numbers and regional diversity, and the number of alumni living in that area. The Spider Chat Volunteer represents the University in a variety of capacities off campus.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist prospective students in your area through conducting Spider Chats
  • Respond to new chat requests promptly and establish contact with the prospective student in a timely fashion
  • Following the completion of the chat, submit the summary form to the Office of Admission immediately
  • Whenever possible, attend Office of Admission events in the region (e.g. admitted student receptions, prospective student/family receptions, etcetera)
  • Communicate with prospective students throughout the admission cycle as prompted by the Office of Admission
  • Keep abreast of University news


  • Current member of the Alumni Recruitment Committee
  • Strong communication skills
  • Enthusiasm for promoting the University of Richmond
  • Trained by the Office of Admission to conduct Spider Chats

*Conflict of Interest Policy: An ARC member may not be employed by another college or university in any capacity that seeks to recruit and enroll undergraduate students. You may not conduct a Spider Chat with a candidate you know, but you may submit a letter of recommendation. Additionally, you may not conduct a Spider Chat in an admissions cycle in which your child is a senior in high school.

If you reside in one of our Spider Chat cities and are interested in participating, submit your application here.