Training Materials & Resources

A key responsibility as an Alumni Recruitment Committee volunteer is to keep abreast of University of Richmond updates and policies. Prospective students will look to ARC volunteers as the face of Richmond and it is imperative that accurate information is shared.

Prospective students and families may be considering a number of other institutions at the same time they are looking at the University of Richmond. While we never want to compare one institution to another, it is important to be able to discuss reasons why a student should consider applying to UR.

Before heading to a college fair or informational interview, ARC members should familiarize themselves with the online resources about:

  • Admission Viewbook - hallmark publication mailed to prospective students with comprehensive information about the University
  • Travel Brochure - publication used by the admission officers during new student recruitment
  • University news and information - downloadable fast facts worksheet and other useful fact sheets for interactions with prospective students. Check out what our faculty, staff, students and alumni are doing by visiting our Feature Stories page in the University of Richmond's Newsroom, and get updates on new majors, on-campus construction projects, awards and accolades, and other important news on the News Releases page.
  • Admission - details about the application review process and requirements
  • Financial aid - information on the University's financial aid programs
  • Academics - information on the University's Five Schools, links to the course catalog, and downloadable academic fact sheets
  • Frequently asked questions - helpful answers to the questions members encounter in their interactions with applicants and prospective students