What to Expect

College fairs and programs are usually arranged in one of the two following formats:

Gymnasium or Cafeteria Setting

  • Each college/university is assigned a table (or you may share a table with another institution)
  • Students and parents move from table to table, asking questions
  • No formal presentation-You must be prepared to field a wide variety of questions

Classroom Setting

(This format is generally covered by an Admission Officer rather than an ARC member)

  • Usually three sessions, each 20-30 minutes long
  • A formal presentation about Richmond is conducted with a question-and-answer period following

Materials and Resources

Once you commit to attend a college fair, the appropriate information will be sent to you prior to the program. The package will include the invitation, directions to the event, materials to distribute at the college fair, a table banner, and any additional or pertinent updates from the Office of Admission.

Representing Richmond

As a volunteer in the admission process, you must familiarize yourself with the Statement of Principles and Good Practices set forth by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) prior to attending a college fair.

At a college fair, you will typically stand behind a table in a cafeteria, gym, or classroom and provide information to students by distributing materials and answering questions. Tables are generally set up in alphabetical order by the name of the school. The University of Richmond will either be located under "U" for University or "R" for Richmond.

Distributing and Displaying Materials

The Office of Admission will provide you with inquiry cards for interested students to complete at the fair. Students who are curious about Richmond may fill these cards out during the fair or they may choose to mail them to our office at a later date. A student who completes the card is under no obligation to Richmond. Once our office receives the card, the student will be placed on our mailing list. At the appropriate time in the admission cycle, the student will receive a viewbook and information on Merit-Based Scholarships and Richmond in Reach.

The objective of the college fair is to answer questions and spark a greater sense of interest in Richmond. Encouraging students to visit our campus is ideal; however, those who cannot make the trip should be encouraged to check out our website to take a virtual tour and learn more about the city of Richmond.

Keep in mind that "less is more" at a college fair. We do not want to overwhelm students with many different brochures, so we recommend that you first give students the travel piece that we provide from the Office of Admission. If students ask for clarification on financial aid or other programs, then you might consider providing them with additional materials. The travel piece brochure intentionally encourages students to make a campus visit and directs them to our Web site to research our school in greater depth and detail.

On your college fair table, you should display the following items:

  • University of Richmond table cover
  • Inquiry cards for students to fill out (pens are also provided for the table)
  • Travel pieces for students to take home
  • Merit-Based Scholarship & Richmond in Reach Fact Sheets for students to take home

Click here to see a mock up of what the table should look like.

Post-Fair Follow Up

After the program, please submit the evaluation online. We are interested in your feelings about the success of the program. Did most families seem aware of the University of Richmond? Had many visited the campus? Did the guidance counselors take time to speak with you? Was the turnout strong or weak? Did the students ask questions or merely pick up materials and move on?

At your earliest convenience, please mail back to our office the table drape and any inquiry cards that students may have left with you. Keep the extra materials for future college fairs.