College Fairs Overview

Local secondary schools and civic organizations invite the University of Richmond to hundreds of college fairs each year. As we strive to increase the visibility of Richmond, we send representatives to as many college fairs as possible. Admission officers travel to many of these programs, but it is impossible for staff members to attend every college fair to which we are invited.

We rely upon ARC members to represent the University at a number of college fairs, distributing brochures and contact cards to interested prospective students. College fairs are an excellent, cost-effective method for the University of Richmond to market itself in the community.

Objectives of a College Fair

  • Introduce guidance counselors, students, and parents to the University of Richmond
  • Provide accurate information about Richmond
  • Obtain general contact information from students so the Office of Admission is able to connect with those who exhibit a genuine interest in Richmond

Responsibilities of ARC Members

  • Assist in the recruitment of prospective students in your area through college fairs, regional receptions or other local events
  • Respond to requests for help with ARC programs promptly
  • Provide feedback through completed college fair evaluations
  • Return completed inquiry cards and other relevant college fair materials to the Office of Admission following all recruitment events
  • Help identify additional college fairs in your area by speaking with reps from other colleges, reading local publications and listening for advertisements for fairs in your region
  • Maintain close contact with the Office of Admission and keep abreast of University news