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COVID-19 Admission Policy Updates

While we do not have certainty at this time about how the current pandemic will impact fall instruction and on-campus residency, we assert with confidence all of our planning is focused on you, and on providing the best educational experience for our students in the academic year 2020-2021.

Will students begin classes on campus in the fall?

Our goal is to return to a residential, on-campus experience as soon as it is safe to do so. We are currently planning for an on-campus residential fall semester and will notify you immediately if there are changes to our schedule or fall plans. We are considering all possible options to ensure an outstanding academic experience for students including starting on time, a delayed start, other schedule variations, and a combination of virtual and on-campus instruction. As we consider these options, the experience and wellbeing of our students are our top priorities. While this continues to be an evolving situation, plans for the fall semester will be finalized in the summer and announced at that time.

Can I have an extension to submit my deposit?

Please contact our office directly if you wish to request an extension of the May 1 enrollment deposit deadline. Extensions for deadlines are approved on a case-by-case basis.

Can I defer my enrollment?

Students who wish to postpone their admission by one academic year (to fall 2021) should submit their plan for the coming year by email to the Dean of Admission no later than June 1. As long as a student’s plans do not include for-credit coursework at another college or university, postponed enrollment is generally granted.

Upon written approval from the Dean, a student must pay a total deposit of $2,500 to hold their place in the subsequent academic year’s class. When the student matriculates at Richmond, the entire deposit is applied to the student’s billable charges. Should the student matriculate at another university, the deposit is non-refundable.

Can I defer my enrollment until the spring semester, January 2021?

Traditionally Richmond has not offered opportunities to defer to January as our first-year curriculum is designed for fall-spring continuous enrollment. However, in response to the pandemic, various scenarios are being considered by the university which may include a limited spring entry option for students who are unable to arrive for the fall term. We will provide relevant information about enrolling as soon as important decisions surrounding options about fall and spring instruction are finalized.

What if my high school moves to pass/fail or credit/no credit grading?

Despite any alteration to grading policies and academic calendars, we encourage prospective and admitted students to continue to engage with whatever method of learning your school is able to offer. If your school moves (or has moved) to a different grading system (pass/fail, credit/no credit, etc.) or different method of instruction (remote, online, etc.), these changes will not impact UR admission offers as long as you pass or earn credit for your courses and graduate.

What kind of final transcript documents are required, and what if submission is delayed?

While Richmond typically requires a final official high school transcript by July 1, prior to registration, we understand (and anticipate) that documents may be delayed this year. We will work with enrolling students to ensure they are able to register for the fall semester. An electronic copy of the final high school transcript is acceptable from your school official. Please have it submitted through Naviance, SCOIR, Parchment,, or by email with the subject of “Final High School Transcript.”

Will UR offer credit for AP abbreviated exams, IB, and A-Level diplomas?

Many national exams such as Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate have been moved online or cancelled. We will honor the published Credit-by-Exam policy for students entering fall 2020 who take standard or abbreviated AP exams or hold IB higher level certificates. Credit-by-exam policies are updated annually. As a reminder, UR does not require AP scores or IB scores as a condition of enrollment.

Will I-20's be issued for admitted students for the Class of 2024?

Yes, all I-20 documents are being issued to enrolling students as planned. We are aware that consulates and embassies are closed and are exploring the best options for students who may not be able to obtain a visa in time for fall semester entry. Updates will be delivered to all enrolling students as decisions are finalized.

What if I cannot arrive in time for international orientation on August 16?

We recognize that some new students may not be able to arrive on time due to the international visa application process, and are exploring options to support your enrollment at Richmond. At this time international orientation, pre-orientation programs, and first year orientation are scheduled as planned. Please review the New Spiders website for more details. Both the Office of Admission and Office of International Education will work closely with students to advise them on arrival details.

Will you reimburse my deposit if I decide to start university closer to home?

Enrollment deposits are non-refundable. If you elect to take courses in the academic year 2020-2021 at another college or university, you must reapply as a transfer student. Please see transfer admission process for information.