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Admission application due. After applying, students will receive access to their Spider Portal, which will allow them to check the completeness of their application and upload selected application materials.

Application Checklist
  • Common Application or Coalition Application, including the Richmond Question.
  • The Richmond Question: Please choose one of the following essay prompts: (1) What is an urgent global challenge, social justice topic, or racial injustice issue about which you are passionate? What solutions or outcomes do you hope to see? (2) By the time you graduate from college, there will be jobs that don’t exist today. Describe one of them and how Richmond might prepare you for it. (3) You are required to spend the next year in either the past or the future. To what year would you travel and why?
  • Early Decision Agreement: Common Application or Coalition Application.
  • $50 application fee or acceptable fee waiver form.
  • Official high school transcript(s) showing grades 9-11.
  • Secondary School Report Form: Any report form is acceptable, including a Common Application or Coalition form or a form provided by the high school.
  • Required recommendation from school counselor or official (principal or teacher): Only one recommendation is necessary, ideally from a school counselor. Additional recommendations will be reviewed with the application but, given the volume received each year, cannot be tracked or acknowledged individually.
  • Standardized test results: The University of Richmond is planning a temporary change in its admission practice by providing a test optional admission path for first-year students entering in 2021. Richmond superscores both the ACT and SAT. Richmond's testing code is 4410 for the ACT and 5569 for the SAT. Standardized test scores may be reported directly from the testing agency or may be self-reported via the Spider Portal; all enrolling students will be required to submit official reports directly from the testing agency. Richmond does not require the SAT Essay or ACT Writing section. The final test dates accepted for Early Decision I are the September ACT and October SAT administrations; scores from the October ACT and November SAT administrations may be self-reported. Please see our Testing Requirements for 2021 Applicants for more information regarding our test optional admission path.
  • First quarter/trimester senior grades from school official or self-reported via the Spider Portal, as soon as they become available.
International Students and Non-U.S. Citizens
Students in Non-Traditional High School Settings
  • Students who have completed at least two years of high school in a home-schooled environment or in online classes or programs must submit additional documentation.

Final credentials deadline: all items on Application Checklist above must be on file for consideration.

Need-based financial aid application deadline.


Early Decision I applicants automatically considered for Richmond Scholars (multiple stages of consideration last through mid-March, so ED I students must deposit and enroll before Richmond Scholars are selected).


Approximate notification date of admission decision.

Financial aid notification sent (if all application materials received on time). Presidential Scholarship recipients notified.


Enrollment confirmation and deposit due; per University policy, all enrollment deposits are non-refundable.


One week after high school graduation, final high school transcript due (with raised school seal or school official's original signature).