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Considering Early Decision?

The University of Richmond offers a binding early decision application option to students who consider Richmond their first-choice college and are willing to commit to enrolling at Richmond if admitted.

Some advantages of applying early decision to Richmond:

  • Your college choice is made early; if admitted, you know well before the end of your senior year that you're going to your top-choice college.
  • You compete within a much smaller pool of students. Historically, Richmond's acceptance rate in Early Decision has been higher than in Early Action or Regular Decision.
  • Early Decision applicants are given full consideration for all merit scholarships. (However, some merit scholarships are not awarded until March, well after admitted Early Decision students are required to enroll at Richmond.)
  • Richmond does not disadvantage Early Decision applicants in the need-based financial aid process: we meet 100% of demonstrated need for all students, so your need-based financial aid package will be the same, whether you apply early or regular. (In other words, we won't give you less because you're already committed.)

The potential disadvantage to applying Early Decision is that it limits your options; by committing to enroll if admitted, you don't have the opportunity to compare offers (including scholarship and financial aid offers) from other colleges.

Early Decision vs. Early Action

The primary difference between Richmond's Early Decision and Early Action plans is that Early Decision is binding (students must enroll upon acceptance), whereas Early Action is non-binding (students have until May 1 to enroll, if they choose). While both plans confer the benefit of receiving an admission decision earlier, the Early Decision pool is smaller and, historically, has had a higher acceptance rate.

We welcome you to contact us if you have any questions. Regional admission counselors are happy to help you consider whether Early Decision is the right option for you.

Important Early Decision Dates

November 1
Early Decision I (and Early Action) Deadline

December 15
Approximate notification for ED I applicants

January 1
Early Decision II Deadline

February 15
Approximate notification for ED II applicants