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International Admission Requirements

International students apply to the University of Richmond under the same application plans as all other students. All applicants, regardless of nationality, receive equal consideration during the admission process; however, non-U.S. citizens must complete a short supplemental form called the International Financial Certification.

International students who wish to be considered for financial assistance are advised to apply by the December 1 Richmond Scholars application deadline.

Required Credentials

We recognize that academic credentials vary from country to country. Students who apply for admission from high schools in the United States present evidence of their academic achievements in the form of a high school transcript, which indicates that they have received, or are in the process of earning, a high school diploma. International students must present comparable evidence of academic achievement. The Office of Admission maintains a list of international academic credentials, which are the minimum required for admission consideration. Our admission counselors carefully consider each student's academic preparation as measured by daily work, external examination results, rigor of the student's chosen program of study, level of English proficiency, and standardized test results.

Standardized Test Requirements

All students seeking admission to the University of Richmond must take either the SAT, which includes sections on evidence-based reading and writing and math, or the ACT. If English is not your native language, please see our English proficiency policy.

Official score reports must be sent directly from the testing agency. If it is financially burdensome for you to send your scores via the testing agency, we will accept official score reports submitted by your high school or score tapes printed on your official high school transcript. Screen shots and other means of submitting scores will not be considered official. Applicants should consult their school office or the following agencies for information about test dates and registration procedures:

Educational Testing Service
Princeton, N.J.
University of Richmond code: 5569
Telephone: (609) 771-7600 (College Board) or (609) 921-9000 (ETS)

American College Testing Program
Iowa City, Iowa
University of Richmond code: 4410
Telephone: (309) 337-1000