Regular Decision

Regular Decision (RD) is our last non-binding application plan. Applying Regular Decision does not constitute a binding commitment to attend if admitted, and applicants are permitted to submit early and regular round applications to other institutions.

Why apply Regular Decision?

  • You discovered Richmond late in the application cycle and need additional time to complete your application.
  • You’d like your transcript to demonstrate more of your senior year, or you’d like to submit test scores from a later testing administration.
  • You were not admitted via Early Decision at another institution, and would now like to apply to Richmond.
  • If you wait to apply under our Regular Decision plan, you understand that Early Decision and Early Action applicants are given preference as the fall class is selected. Regular Decision applicants account for roughly 14% of the incoming class.

Important Notes

  • Regular Decision candidates receive admission notification in mid-March and must respond to an offer of admission by May 1.
  • Final test dates accepted for RD are the December ACT and SAT administrations
  • Scores from the February ACT administration may be self-reported.
  • Regular Decision applicants will receive an admission decision of admit, deny, or waitlist.
  • See all deadline and notification dates.

See a list of Regular Decision application materials.