Early Decision I & II

Is the University of Richmond your top choice? If so, we encourage you to consider one of our early decision application plans.

Both early decision options (ED I & ED II) are binding. Students who are admitted through an early decision round must commit to enrolling at Richmond and subsequently withdraw all applications to other institutions. Due to the restrictive nature of early decision, students are not permitted to apply to other colleges or universities under binding early decision plans. Students may, however, apply elsewhere under non-restrictive application plans.

Why apply Early Decision?

  • Early Decision applicants are given some preference in the admission process. Historically, Richmond’s acceptance rate in Early Decision has been higher than in Early Action or Regular Decision. These students account for roughly 40% of the incoming class.
  • Your college choice is made early. If admitted, you’ll know before the end of your senior year that you’re going to your top-choice college.
  • Early Decision I applicants are given full consideration for all merit scholarships. Early Decision II applicants must submit your application by December 1 for Richmond Scholars consideration.
  • Richmond does not disadvantage Early Decision applicants in need-based financial aidWe meet 100% of demonstrated need for all students, regardless of admission plan. If you’re considering ED but are concerned about cost, we encourage you to utilize our Cost Calculators to calculate a preliminary estimate of total cost of attendance.

Important Notes

  • Final test dates accepted for ED I are the September ACT and October SAT administrations.
  • Final test dates accepted for ED II are the December ACT and SAT administrations.
  • Early Decision applicants will receive an admission decision of admit, deny, or defer.
  • Early Decision applicants must complete and submit the Early Decision Agreement Form. This will be signed by you, your parent/guardian, and your school counselor.
  • Early Decision I and Early Decision II are functionally similar, but operate on different timelines. You may choose to apply Early Decision II if you’d like to submit test scores from a later testing administration, or if you were not admitted to your ED I school and Richmond is now your top choice.
  • See a list of all deadline and notification dates.

Early Decision vs. Early Action

The primary difference between Richmond’s Early Decision and Early Action plans is that Early Decision is binding (students must enroll upon acceptance), whereas Early Action is non-binding (students have until May 1 to enroll, if they choose). While both plans confer the benefit of receiving an admission decision earlier, the Early Decision pool is smaller and, historically, has a higher acceptance rate.

We welcome you to contact us if you have any questions. Regional admission counselors are happy to help you consider whether Early Decision is the right option for you.

See a list of Early Decision application requirements.