Testing Requirements for 2025 Applicants

The University of Richmond is planning a temporary change in its admission practice by providing a test optional admission path for first-year students entering in 2025. Students who wish to do so may still choose to submit standardized test results or other materials to support their applications for admission.

In addition to utilizing a holistic review process, the University of Richmond meets the full-demonstrated financial need for all admitted students, ensuring that talented students from all backgrounds have access to the exceptional education and experiences available at the university.

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  • Should I submit a standardized test score?
    We welcome the submission of standardized tests such as the ACT, SAT, Classic Learning Test (CLT), AP, and IB examinations if you believe these tests support your application and provide additional context and data used in a holistic review process.


  • If you aren’t requiring test scores, what are you using in your admission evaluations?
    The University of Richmond has always practiced a holistic, selective admission process in which testing was only one of many components. In addition to traditional measures of academic success – like grades, rigor of curriculum, test scores (if provided) and recommendations - admission officers evaluate each applicant in a holistic manner, assessing essays, extra-curricular involvement, special talents, creativity, independence, and life experience.

    If a student chooses not to submit a standardized test score to support their application, we will evaluate their candidacy using the information present in the other components of their application materials. We welcome the submission of standardized test if you believe these tests will provide additional context and data used in a holistic review process.
  • What are the final testing dates that you will accept?

    Final Test Date Submissions by Application Plan

    Early Decision I
    September ACT and October SAT administrations; scores from the October ACT and November SAT administrations may be self-reported.

    Early Action
    October ACT and SAT administrations; scores from the November SAT administration may be self-reported.

    Early Decision II
    December ACT and SAT administrations.

    Regular Decision
    December ACT and SAT administrations; scores from the February ACT administration may be self-reported.

    How to Submit:

    • Download the official test score report from CollegeBoard or ACT, and self-report through Spider Portal
    • Order the official score report be sent directly from CollegeBoard or ACT
    • Request a counselor to send the official score report via email or a third party electronic service (such as Naviance, Parchment, E-Scrip, Scoir, or Scribbles).

    *All enrolling students will be required to submit official reports directly from the testing agency.

  • Will I be considered for merit scholarships if I don’t have a test score?
    All applicants will be considered for merit scholarships, such as Richmond Scholars or Presidential Scholarships, as long as they apply no later than December 1. All submitted admission materials are considered in our holistic review process; additional academic assessments such as success on standardized testing, published research, and other state and national academic accolades can influence the highly competitive selection process for merit scholarships.
  • What if I have already sent my scores to UR, but no longer want them to be considered?
    While completing the Common Application or Coalition Application, applicants will have the ability to select if they would like their SAT or ACT scores evaluated with their application – even if these scores have previously been sent to the University of Richmond.

    If a student indicated on their application that they would like their test scores to be considered, this is final once their application is submitted and they will not be able to reverse that decision.

    Students initially electing not to have their test scores considered, but who later decide to send standardized test scores or have previous scores used in their evaluation, can reverse that decision as long as a final admission decision has not been released.
  • Do I need a test score if I plan to participate in Division I sports?
    The test optional admission path applies to student athletes. Standardized test scores are not required for athletic eligibility.
  • Do I still need to take an English language proficiency test?
    Test optional does not eliminate the need for demonstrated language proficiency. Students for whom English is not the native language will still be required to submit official test results from either TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, or meet one of our other University-approved waivers for language proficiency. Please see our English proficiency policy for more details
  • Are standardized tests required for home schooled students?
    Students attending non-traditional high schools (such as home schools and online high schools) may choose to apply as test optional. However standardized testing is recommended for students from non-traditional high schools if they have not taken classes that provide broader academic context, such as community college coursework. Standardized tests such as the ACT, SAT, Classic Learning Test (CLT), SAT Subject Tests, Advanced Placement Tests, and International Baccalaureate tests can help provide that context.

    For more details, please see our admission requirements for Students in Non-Traditional High School settings.
  • Do you need AP, IB, and other placement exam scores?
    Students are welcome to self-report Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and international college examinations such as the Gaokao, A-Levels, and Cambridge Admission Testing Service examinations on their application. If you decide to enroll at Richmond, some scores may result in college credit or exemptions.
  • If all of the schools that I am applying to are test optional, should I still take a standardized test?
    Ultimately, it is up to you. Some schools may require tests for admission or other reasons, so taking the test will keep more options open to you.

    Some schools that are test optional may also ask that enrolling students submit standardized test scores (SAT or ACT) for reporting and research purposes after admission, even if they were not used in the review of your application. Test scores submitted by enrolling students who elected to apply Test Optional would not affect their admission to the University of Richmond.