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Transfer Students

Richmond accepts transfer applications for the fall and spring semesters. Transfer applicants should follow the step-by-step directions outlined on the application timelines:

Before beginning the application process, prospective transfer students should be sure they are eligible for transfer admission.

Eligibility for Transfer Admission

Transfer candidates must have completed a minimum of 6.82 transferable units (equivalent to approximately 24 semester hours) at another college or university to be considered for admission at the University of Richmond. You may submit your application before the minimum requirements have been met, but the coursework must be complete by the time you enroll at Richmond. Transfer students are not accepted in the middle of their first year of college.

Transfer students are evaluated for admission on the basis of:

  • College coursework: We look at how well the applicant’s completed coursework will satisfy the University of Richmond’s general education requirements. Applicants do not need to meet all requirements before enrolling at Richmond, but completing a large number of requirements increases the likelihood of admission.
  • College grade point average (GPA): Students must maintain a college GPA of 2.0 to be considered for admission. However, most successful applicants have GPAs above 3.0.
  • Passion for learning: We want to see that transfer students are passionate learners. This is best communicated through essays and recommendation letters. Extracurricular involvement, leadership skills, special talents, personal qualities, and life experiences all help tell a story about a student who will contribute to the University community.
  • College-level recommendation: We want to see how the transfer applicant performs in the classroom and around campus from the perspective of a professor or other college official.
  • Timing: We typically receive approximately 300 transfer applications for 60 spaces in the fall semester. The applicant pool for the spring semester is smaller, with approximately 100 applicants applying for 15 spaces. Keep in mind that first-year students cannot apply for spring admission.
  • High school information: Transfer applicants must submit their final high school transcript for evaluation. The weight placed on the high school transcript varies based on the amount of completed college work—it becomes less important as more college coursework is completed.
  • Standardized tests: While SAT and ACT test results are not required of transfer applicants, students are welcome to submit their scores if they believe they’ll be helpful in the application review process. Once students enroll at Richmond, they will need to send official scores for any testing that would exempt them from general education requirements.
  • English proficiency: Non-native English speakers must demonstrate English proficiency. Applicants may submit the results of their TOEFL exam, results of the verbal portion of the SAT I, or a college transcript that demonstrates success in a college-level English composition course.
  • Basic proficiencies: All transfer students must have completed mathematics through at least Algebra II and at least two years of the same foreign language. If those requirements were not met in high school, they must have been met at the college level.

Transfer of Credits

Once an applicant is admitted to Richmond, the Registrar’s office will conduct a full evaluation of the transferability of coursework, minus the current semester’s courses. This can help students in trying to decide whether to accept the University’s offer of admission. A final evaluation of coursework will be conducted by the Registrar’s Office and will be mailed to enrolling students prior to registration.

Transfer Student Coordinator

Nadine Saint
Senior Assistant Director of Admission
(804) 289-8640