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Your campus visit is so much more than seeing the beauty of our campus firsthand. It’s more than meeting our Spider community and discovering the Richmond student experience. It’s more than walking our 350 acres of brickwork, gardens, and walkways. And it’s more than eating our award-winning food … though that’s definitely a nice perk. 

Your campus visit is about envisioning your life as a Spider and seeing the place where you’ll learn, grow, flourish, and call home for years to come. We’re so excited to meet you.

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Admission Insider's Guide

July 6, 2022
Crafting an Effective Activities Resume
It’s important not to narrowly interpret extracurricular activities to mean “what I do after school, through my school.” The reality is that we want to know where you dedicate your time.
May 27, 2022
Planning Your Senior Year Schedule

You have one more year to plan wisely to show colleges your mastery of material, so why let off the gas pedal now? We’re not saying you can’t have fun in your last year of high school.  Of course, we encourage you to make the most of your time with your classmates. But we also want to help you to find success in the college process. We hope that these tips prove helpful as you sit down to select next year’s coursework. 

April 29, 2022
How to Navigate the College Search Without a Counselor

If you’re in the position of navigating the college process without an assigned college counselor, you might need to put in a little extra elbow grease to get your bearings. But the good news: there are so many free and reputable resources out there to help. 

April 9, 2022
Advice on Negotiating Financial Aid
Families ask about negotiating aid for three reasons: their family’s financial situation has changed, they are shocked to learn that they don’t qualify for extensive need-based aid, or they know they have no need but read that Washington Post story about how everyone should try to negotiate for a scholarship. It’s time to illuminate some truths.

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Explore our campus without making the drive to Richmond. Our virtual tour lets you "walk" our campus to see the gardens, classrooms, buildings, and city you might call home.
Two female students set up hammocks by the lake on a sunny afternoon.

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The college experience is all about getting involved, immersing yourself in a diversity of perspectives. Check out all the ways we support you — the whole you — and ensure your time here is time well spent.

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