Why Richmond?

Why Richmond?

See how our community brings together a variety of experiences, a diversity of backgrounds, and a multitude of viewpoints — all to create a learning environment where you’ll grow, connect, flourish, and discover the immense pride that comes with being a Spider.

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What does it mean to be a Spider?

We unite. Richmond is a community of trailblazers united by our differences, searching for new ways to improve ourselves and our world. From uncovering national injustices to discovering treatments for disease, Spiders make their presence known around the world. Our goal is to guide you toward a life of purpose and impact, wherever you may go.

We say yes. Interested in more than one major? Determined to pursue research right away? Want to study abroad for a semester (or two)? At Richmond, you’ll find a culture of ambition — and in exchange, you will say yes to embracing your own inherent potential on your way to making a difference.

We walk alongside you. With small classes taught exclusively by professors, you’ll find discussion-based courses that empower your voice and open the doors to mentorship. We are partners in your learning, and advocates of your personal initiatives and ideas.

We love our city. Inspiration lives everywhere, from the lake that defines our suburban campus to the river that lines our capital city. Decorated with street art, Richmond is a top destination for art, culture, history, travel, tech, and too many festivals and restaurants to count.

We invest in you. Our time, money, and advocacy are committed to your passions. We’ll fund your research or internship (it’s guaranteed!), and we’ve built a new campus wellness center to ensure you’re happy and healthy. You are our priority.

We're proud to be Spiders — to call this place our home and to be an integral part of something bigger than ourselves.