Stephanie Dupaul

Vice President for Enrollment Management
Stephanie Dupaul

Hometown: It's complicated...West Palm Beach, Florida & Plano, Texas

Education: B.A., English, University of Texas; M.A., English, Southern Methodist University; Ed.D., Higher Education and Leadership, University of Alabama

Favorite TV show to binge watch? Clarkson’s Farm

Favorite D-Hall dessert? French fries (why waste carbs on sugar?)

Favorite RVA restaurant? Lillie Pearl, Shagbark, Pearly’s, and ZZQ

Biggest travel-related phobia? Being late. And dark colored carpet in hotels.

Favorite music genre? My music now qualifies as “oldies.” This is tragic.

Favorite person/celebrity to follow on social media? Andrea Hugg (The Glam Pad), Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess)

Favorite part of the application? The essay!

Who would play you in a movie? Melissa McCarthy

What is the coolest architectural feature or piece of architecture on campus? Why?

The archway over the door at Sarah Brunet Hall, because of the faces carved over the main doorway. One is purported to be Ralph Adams Cram, the architect, but with the glasses he looks slightly like a very famous wizard.

If you could go back to college and major in a different subject, what would you pick? Why?

History, because it has become much more interesting now that we are actively talking about subjectivity and actively seeking what and who is missing from the study of history.

What is one piece of advice you’d give students for the college search/application process?

Control what you can, and let go of the things you cannot change. That means you need to do the work, and submit on time, but also means you should not obsess on “what ifs” that are out of your control. What if you had made an A instead of a B in sophomore English? You can’t change it, so don’t invest any energy into that inner monologue! Oh, and be nice to people who are trying to help you – it’s not nagging, it’s caring.

Let’s talk about RVA. What do you like about living here? What are your favorite things to do in the city/region? What should visitors be sure to check out?

RVA has the cultural and social benefits of a large, diverse, thriving city – but without the traffic. The climate is moderate (if you come from the South!) but still boasts four seasons with particularly long and beautiful fall and spring seasons. When you are visiting, be sure to check out the VMFA, take a walk across to hike on Belle Island, and eat at local restaurants.