Haley Huamani

Admission Counselor
Haley Huamani

Hometown: Gladstone, NJ

Education: B.A., Political Science and Leadership Studies, University of Richmond.

Favorite TV show to binge watch?: The Office is my all time favorite, but I’m also really into Severance and Ted Lasso right now.

Favorite D-Hall dessert?: Vegan Chocolate Cake

Favorite RVA restaurant?: I get dinner from Stella’s Grocery at least once a week.

Favorite music genre?: Can Taylor Swift be considered an entire genre? I also love some indiepop and folk music. Did you know the lead singer of the Lumineers went to Richmond?!

Favorite part of the application?: The Richmond Essay!

What is the coolest architectural feature or piece of architecture on campus? Why?:

The Humanities Building has a small library tucked away on the top floor called the Great Hall that feels straight out of Medieval Europe. As a student, I would sit up there and read for hours.

What is one piece of advice you’d give students for the college search/application process?:

Write things down! Start by asking yourself some questions. What kind of classroom experience are you looking for? Which types of academic programs are you interested in? What kinds of students do you want to be learning and living with? The answers to these types of questions can help guide your search. As you visit colleges and explore their online offerings, write down the things that jumped out to you, the things that stuck with you. The college search process is long and can be an emotional process. The act of putting thoughts into words can provide a lot of clarity, and a few notes can go a long way in aiding your memory. And don’t forget to write down your deadlines!

Let’s talk about RVA. What do you like about living here? What are your favorite things to do in the city/region? What should visitors be sure to check out?:

Richmond is such a special and fun place to live. You have all of the offerings of a city, but you're surrounded by so much nature and beautiful outdoor spaces. I highly recommend checking out Maymont Park and the Belle Isle Suspension Bridge!