Kyah Stewart

Assistant Director of Admission
Kyah Stewart

Hometown: Mt. Juliet, TN

Education: B.S., Strategic Marketing, Western Kentucky University

Favorite TV show to binge-watch? Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Superstore, How I Met Your Mother. The Bachelor/Bachelorette is also fun to watch if I'm in the mood for reality tv.

Favorite D-Hall dessert? Gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Favorite RVA restaurant? Union Market, Cobra Burger, Kahlos Taqueria & Bar, Bar Solita

Favorite music genre? K-pop

Favorite person/celebrity to follow on social media? Michelle Obama

Favorite part of the application? The Richmond Question

If you could go back to college and major in a different subject, what would you pick? Why?

Interior Design! I love designing my own spaces, whether that be my bedroom or my office, I like every space to feel personalized and unique. When I get tired of my surroundings, I just buy (or thrift) a new piece of art, a fun lamp, or I bring another plant into the space to make it feel more vibrant. I love designing spaces based on what I like, but I would love to learn more about the technical aspects of design.

What is one piece of advice you’d give students for the college search/application process?

My piece of advice would be to choose a college that feels like home. In my experience in choosing a college for my undergraduate studies, and even my decision to work at UR, I always chose the university that felt like home to me. Home can have different meanings depending on who you ask. To me, a home is a place of support, comfort, and opportunity—no matter what your definition of home is make sure you have that good feeling when you make the final decision on where to attend college. If you don’t choose a college where you feel the most at home, it will be more challenging to be a successful student.

Let’s talk about RVA. What do you like about living here? What are your favorite things to do in the city/region? What should visitors be sure to check out?

After your visit to campus, you should stop by Carytown! It’s a shopping and dining area located about 10 minutes away. There are lots of unique local stores and restaurants. When I’m in Carytown I always stop by Ashby (for upcycled clothing) and Mongrel (for fun knickknack items and gifts). You can’t go wrong with any of the restaurants in the area, and Carytown is home to some fan favorites among Richmond residents. Also, be sure to stop by Bev’s for ice cream before you leave!