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Alumni Interview Program

The Alumni Informational Interview Program is designed to invite a group of University of Richmond alumni to share the Richmond experience with applicants in target cities throughout the country. The program began in winter 2004 as a pilot program in Washington, D.C., and has since expanded to include 28 regions nationwide and London

While the informational interview is voluntary and not a requirement for admission, it does provide a personalized channel for an exchange of information. The informational interview gives applicants the opportunity to learn more about Richmond from our alumni volunteers. It also provides students with a chance to share information about their interests and experiences that we can use to better communicate with them. We think of the interview more as a recruitment tool than a way to make admission decisions. For example, if a student mentions applying early decision, we can communicate earlier with that student and to make him or her aware of the early decision process and deadlines.

Coordinated by the Office of Admission the program seeks to:

  • Involve alumni in a meaningful way in order to achieve Richmond's admission goals
  • Provide the Admission Committee with additional information that may assist the staff in the recruitment of prospective students and in their application review
  • Increase a highly qualified student's likelihood to enroll at Richmond from cities where interviews are offered
  • Provide additional opportunities for interaction between the University of Richmond, prospective students, and alumni

Interested in interviewing applicants? Apply to be an alumni volunteer.

Definition of an Informational Interview

Most importantly, the informational interview focuses on the exchange of information between the applicant and the interviewer. It is a tool used to convey the value of a Richmond education and excite the applicant about the areas in which he or she may have great interest. Conversation in an informational interview should focus on sharing information about Richmond that meets the student's needs while learning about his or her distinctive experiences and what he or she can uniquely contribute to the Richmond community.

Tools for Interviewers

Alumni interviewers can access the following materials:

Alumni Informational Interview Program

Interviews are offered in 28 regions nationwide and London.

Submit your Interview Summary Form online.

Review the Alumni Interviewer Role Description.