25 Things You Can't Miss at the University of Richmond

April 15, 2021
A post by Michele Wen, '20

Congratulations, Class of 2025! In a year full of unexpected challenges, you’ve achieved something truly incredible. Make sure you take some time to celebrate your accomplishment!

For months now, we’ve shown you the many reasons for why you should consider the University of Richmond – from the exceptional academic opportunities to the magnitude of resources and the tight-knit community, available right at your fingertips. But once you officially become a Spider, what are the things you absolutely have to experience during your four years? In honor of the Class of 2025, here are 25 things, from an alumni perspective, you can’t miss at the University of Richmond. I can’t wait for you to come here and find more ways to make the list your own!

  1. Westhampton Lake. Located centrally in front of the student commons, the lake is the perfect place to picnic with friends, go for a run, or nap in a nearby hammock.
  2. Cherry blossoms. With stunning blooms in the spring, it’s no wonder that the University of Richmond is ranked as the #1 most beautiful campus in the U.S.!
  3. Baby ducklings and goslings. When the blossoms come, so do these adorable creatures, taking over Westhampton Lake with their fluffiness and cuteness. Beware of getting too close, though - those mama birds aren’t kidding around!
  4. Tyler Haynes Commons (THC) Pier. Enjoy clear blue skies and a beautiful lakeside view as you lounge on the pier in front of THC. If you’re lucky, you might even meet some happy four-legged friends looking for pets!
  5. Carole Weinstein International Center Courtyard. A lovely outdoor study space complete with a fountain in the center. Spin the globe that sits in the middle of the fountain and see where you’re destined to study abroad.
  6. Passport Café. While you’re at the International Center, swing by Passport Café. It’s full of internationally inspired specials each week, refreshing beverages, mouth-watering pastries, and gelato!
  7. Westhampton Green. Richmond has no shortage of beautifully designed outdoor spaces. The Westhampton Green is a student-favorite for anything from frisbee to hanging with friends!
  8. Modlin Center for the Arts. If you’re missing live performances, catch a show right on campus! From original productions featuring your very own Spiders to performances by globally renowned artists, you’ll be amazed at what is available.
  9. Greek Theatre. How many schools do you know of that have an outdoor theatre? On warm fall and spring evenings, catch an outdoor movie with friends or even a live production like Shakespeare’s Richard III.
  10. Intramural Fields. Feel like starting a pick-up game of soccer or volleyball? Grab some friends and make your way to the IM Fields to play, rain or shine!
  11. Gottwald Center for the Sciences. Alongside nooks and crannies for quiet study spaces, Gottwald has a beautifully designed atrium you can’t miss! With an expansive glass ceiling, who says you can’t get your daily dose of Vitamin D while inside?
  12. Basement Levels of Boatwright. There’s no shortage of quiet study spaces on B-1 and B-2 for when you need to hyper-focus. Wander among the stacks of books and you’ll find study set-ups including desks, armchairs, and even comfy couches.
  13. International Education Week. With a new country featured each year, this weeklong event is designed to educate the UR community and promote deeper connections to other cultures. Complete with curated discussions, cultural activities, and even a new Ecochallenge, it’s the perfect chance to learn and grow your global perspective!
  14. Eco-Corridor. This newly renovated outdoor pathway connects campus to a creek. Walk the Eco-Corridor and enjoy being in nature, just steps away from your room! Whether you’re hiking or picnicking, there are countless opportunities to be outdoors.
  15. Yellow Bikes. Most students prefer walking on campus, but our brightly colored yellow bikes and free bike-share program make it easy for you to grab a bike and go.
  16. Emmett. UR’s best boy who is trained to work at the Well-Being Center. Come say hi to the sweet Goldendoodle if you’re missing your own pet, need to destress, or simply want some snuggles!
  17. Well-Being Center. A new state-of-the-art facility housing all campus health resources under one roof. This space includes amazing features such as cooking classes, a new café, meditation/massage/salt therapy rooms, and more!
  18. Sledding at Boatwright. Come winter, students take full advantage of the occasional snowfall. You can catch students having snowball fights, snowmen building competitions, and even sledding down the hill outside of the Boatwright library!
  19. 8:15 Café. Your new favorite coffee shop located in the library. Customize your coffee before heading to class, try a refreshing spring special, or even pick up a quick bite to eat when you’re feeling snacky.
  20. Proclamation and Investiture. Time-honored traditions marking the formal introduction of first-year students to U of R. Learn about the importance of community and connect with our seniors starting as soon as your first year.
  21. Tree-Lined Paths. Did you think we were finished listing all of the beautiful foliage on our campus? Check out the gorgeous crape myrtle trees lining the pathway that leads to the Carole Weinstein International Center!
  22. Locally-made goods. Taste the local flavor without ever leaving campus! Several eateries on campus offer pastries, sushi, and more made right here in RVA (Richmond, VA).
  23. Midnight Munchies. Take a break from studying for finals and enjoy live music and an assortment of snacks and fried foods at the dining hall! This event takes place once a semester from 10 p.m. to midnight – it’s a great way to destress during exams.
  24. UR vs. VCU basketball game. Show off your Spider spirit at one of the most highly anticipated events of the year! With a packed arena, plenty of food, and music, you’ll definitely have a blast cheering on the Spiders with your friends.
  25. Heilman Dining Center. Sure, takeout is great, but don’t forget about the delicious meals available at our award-winning dining hall! There’s even an entire case for desserts.